Local Programming

Telemiami is proud to introduce the new option in Hispanic television, a dynamic combination of
news, entertainment and community participation.  Telemiami offers all Hispanic viewers high quality
local and international programming.

Entre Amigos - Amongst Friends
Local journalist and radio personality  accompanied by his guests and viewers, discuss and deal
with local topics of common community interest that informs and gives viewers a chance to call in
and voice their opinion on a variety of local issues.  Thus becomes the first choice among morning

Actualidad Semanal  - Weekly Happenings
An intellectual debate of the most significant current events…conducted by nationally renowned
journalist George Volsky along with a panel of guests.

Bajo Lupa - Under the Magnifying Glass
An insightful analysis featuring today’s hot topics by highly respected journalist Ramon Mestre.

Carlos Perez Pregunta - Carlos Perez Questions
Activist Carlos Perez along with guests from the world of finance, politics and medicine who are
significant members of our society discuss important issues.

Desafios de la Mente - Challenges of the Mind
A deep analytical study into the unknown…presented by professors Manuel Martinez and Mario D’

Piano Piano con Arturo Ramos - Piano Piano with Arturo Ramos
An hour where the spectator can lose himself in the music…with the magical interpretations of Arturo
Ramos and his exceptional talented guests.

El Informativo con Tomas Regalado - News of the Day with Miami Commissioner
Tomas Regalado
Local, national and international news along with commentary hosted by Miami longest-serving
Commisioner Tomas Regalado.

Jornal de Deutsche Well - The Deutsche Welle Journal
A daily journey through the world of European and international news…brought via satellite in
Spanish from Germany for our viewers.  

Our International programming thanks to our fusion with Antenna 3 Television
International offers our viewers a great variety of programs.  It provides
entertainment and programming for your whole family.

El Diario
A talk show every afternoon where the guest and their stories are the main focus.  Real people, real
lives hosted by Sandra Daviu.

Donde estas Corazon - Where are you darling
On this weekly program celebrities sit face to face with a panel of journalists to confront and answer
their questions regarding their personal and professional lives.  Sometimes their pleasant and
pleasing opinions but others are full of criticism and confrontation.

Aqui no hay quien viva - You just can’t live here
The most successful series of Antena 3 International it presents the adventures and antics of this
peculiar community where anything can happen.  Aqui no hay quien viva is an entertaining
community of neighbors where mishaps are never to far away.

Internado Laguna Negra - Black Lagoon Boarding School
A thriller full of intrigue and horror…you won’t want to miss a single chapter.

Sindrome de Ulises - The Ulises Syndrome
A comedy for the entire family…when Ulises finishes his studies in the USA he returns to Spain and
from that moment his life and his career become somewhat of a circus.

Hombres de Paco - Paco and his men
A group of police officers who are capable of doing great work unfortunately the majority of the time
do just the opposite…. if you have a problem you better not call them.

Espejo Publico - Public Mirror
A magazine that combines, audience in the studio, interviews on the street, and news that are
happening at the time…hosted by Susana Grisso

Ruleta de la Suerte - Wheel of Fortune & Jeopardy
Game and quiz show directly from Madrid.

Telemiami is committed to the Hispanic community in South Florida to offer a great
variety of top notch never before seen programming.  
In conclusion, our efforts are to serve, entertain and inform our viewers.

Welcome to the new image of Telemiami

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